2nd Leg FA Cup Drama – Huddersfield Town vs Manchester City

The FA Cup never fails to disappoint and Saturdays fixture between Huddersfield Town and Manchester City was a classic example of this. The match was a very raw display of how hustle, belief, and grit can outwork skill, experience, and riches. It was great to see a low-profile team like Huddersfield Town hold off a world class team like Manchester City.

Huddersfield Town.jpg
Photo from The Huddersfield Daily Examiner – Town’s Rajiv van La Parra & Manchester City’s Fernando in action.

Result – Draw

Huddersfield Town Coach, David Wagner had his squad maniacally press Manchester City whenever they were on the ball. So much so that many began to question whether or not his team had the stamina to keep up the press for a full 90 minutes. As the match continued, viewers realized there was something more to this small town team than meets the eye. Fatigue was not an option. They would continue to press Manchester City all the way to the final whistle.

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