Review – Measure for Measure @ Winter Garden Theatre


On the brisky- cold night that was February 17 of 2017.. I, along with a dear friend of mine that needs no introduction, hit Winter Garden Theatre for a Shakespearean play titled, “Motion for Motion.” And allow me to prematurely say, Groundling Theatre Company definitely knows how to put on a show. A lot happened before though, so we’re going to back track to the beginning of my Friday evening. Note that the play was scheduled for 7:30pm.

*this blog is a no spoiler zone*

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Review – Kim’s Convenience by Soulpepper @ The Young Centre of Performing Arts


On February. 14th, 2017, a friend of mine (Sabrina) invited me to see Kim’s Convenience – Live at the Young Centre for Performing Arts in the Distillery District of Toronto. This review will not only review the play itself, but will also cover before and after events. Note that the play was scheduled for 8:00pm.

*this blog is a no spoiler zone*


Sabrina and I had gotten to the Distillery District at approximately 7:20pm. Toronto’s light festival was in full effect, but we were hoping to get our hands on a pair of rush tickets, so we had to get to the theatre ASAP. We figured we would catch the light festival after the show, as it was scheduled to be running until 11:00pm.

The architectural design of the Young Centre for Performing Arts is absolutely beautiful. From the outside, it looks like a building that belongs in the vintage-looking Distillery District, all while maintaining a modern finish. Once entering a pair of two wooden/glass windowed doors, we were welcomed with wooden tables and chairs, a fireplace, a bar, and of course the box office.

The building was alive. Bartenders graciously pouring drinks for guests, couples enjoying their valentines day night out- as soon as I walked in I felt full of energy and anticipation, hoping to get our hands on tickets to watch the highly spoken upon play turned T.V. show, Kim’s Convenience.

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Kim’s Convenience @ Soulpepper, Toronto

This coming Tuesday Sabrina and I will be checking out a play turned TV Show, Kim’s Convenience. We’ll be catching the show at Soulpepper which is in the Distillery District of Toronto. We don’t have tickets yet, but we’re hoping to get our hands on a pair of Rush tickets!

For those of you new to the arts, rush tickets are tickets that theatres sell to 20 year olds an hour before the show at a reduced price. These tickets are sold at a seating availability basis, so if I don’t happen to post a review of the play on Wednesday, you know why.. It’s going to be valentines day, so let’s hope the couples stay away from us. Regardless if we manage to get tickets to the play or not, I’ll be sure to write about the night we made out of our time at The Distillery!

Oh and that’s just the start of next week. On Friday (Feb 17th) we’ll be checking out a Shakespearean play at Winter Garden! I had surprised Sabrina with these tickets for her birthday a month ago.

Winter Garden – Toronto

So yea, this week is going to be fun! I can’t wait to hit the city with Singing Sabrina and soak in the Toronto winter blues. Stay tuned everybody, I’ll be writing every single day.

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My First Open Mic Night

Courtesy of a really good friend of mine named Sabrina, I went to my very first Open Mic night! This was a good week or 2 ago. I never got a chance to write about it because you know, life happens. Allow me to pour out my experience here on ifsharkscouldfly.

Got a text from Sabrina on Saturday, she told me there was an Open Mic night going down at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto- Sunday night.


The 2 of us ended up going together.

I invited my friend Vik and his girlfriend Allison.

We walked into The Horseshoe Tavern, a nice old fashioned bar, wooden rail- the good stuff. Took a seat with Vik and Allison who had gotten there before us. Sabrina signed in and Vik and I hit the bar to get a couple drinks.

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The Wedding Party @ Crow’s Theatre

Intermission – The Wedding Party @ Crow’s Theatre

Oh am I a lucky one, Sabrina you are the best!

Sabrina the singer/musician you will all know of one day took me to a play last night! I’m really starting to enjoy the aura around Toronto’s theatre scene. It’s a beautiful thing because it’s very quiet. The scene in Toronto is not spoken of often by mainstream media. Because of this, those that do go to theatres to see plays share a very specific, common interest with one another, which results in a very warming and loving respect between the audience and staff.

“The Wedding Party @ Crow’s Theatre, directed by Chris Abraham was innovative, hilarious, and an overall intellectually comedic performance.” -N.P.

The show was great, not only because I was with such a sweet heart, gradually introducing me to theatrics, but The Wedding Party was in fact a well written play. I found the script to be very natural, and not over-tried, it was a masterpiece.

The fact that The Wedding Party is performed at Crow’s Theatre in Toronto made the experience ever more memorable. I strongly feel that the experience of going to see a live play is one of the best experiences in the world if done right. Crow’s Theatre knows exactly how to welcome guests. Not only is it architecturally magnificent, but the staff are pleasant to say the least.