My Experience with Yoga & Cannabis

Alright don’t judge me. I’ve been enjoying Yoga and I finally understand my body and mind in a way I just can’t put into words. It’s more of an awareness and feeling. With this new found comfort I’ve found in Yoga, I felt like experimenting a little bit..

So I ate a piece of chocolate an hour before Yoga class.

It was so sweet and creamy, I loved it!

Might I add that there was a hint of THC inside of the piece of chocolate that I consumed.

Yes, I had an edible before Yoga and right around the time I sat cross legged on my mat for the evening, I was “uplifted.” Yoga was great that night (it always is), I felt as if I was in a deep deep state of being and I could hear the blood flowing through the veins of my body. I would definitely recommend any Yogis to try a Yoga class with a subtle amount of THC in the system. If however, you have little to no experience with cannabis, don’t bother.

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My Experience in an Ice Storm

The Ice beginning to melt – Feb. 9, 2017 (Backyard)

It was February. 7, 2017.

I had heard news of a storm brewing in the midst on my way home from the gym the night before. As I stepped out of the house at around 6:30am that morning, the weather was great (for the winter). I thought hey, these news reporters must’ve been wrong for once!

I was indoors all day. After finishing up some work at Second Cup in the later hours of the night (11pm) I decided to head home.

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My Morning Jet Fuel- Kale/Spinach Smoothie

*Alarm on iPhone rings*

It’s 5:50am and I’m up, barely ready for the day. My routine in the next 40 minutes prepares me for what’s about to come. But you see, the last 10 minutes of these 40 are crucial.

As I head downstairs once getting dressed, I head straight to the kitchen to make my Jet Fuel for the day. Yea, I call it Jet Fuel.


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My First Open Mic Night

Courtesy of a really good friend of mine named Sabrina, I went to my very first Open Mic night! This was a good week or 2 ago. I never got a chance to write about it because you know, life happens. Allow me to pour out my experience here on ifsharkscouldfly.

Got a text from Sabrina on Saturday, she told me there was an Open Mic night going down at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto- Sunday night.


The 2 of us ended up going together.

I invited my friend Vik and his girlfriend Allison.

We walked into The Horseshoe Tavern, a nice old fashioned bar, wooden rail- the good stuff. Took a seat with Vik and Allison who had gotten there before us. Sabrina signed in and Vik and I hit the bar to get a couple drinks.

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Saturday @ Symposium Café

Yesterday was great! I enjoyed a hot Yoga class with a friend in the early morning. Having never done hot Yoga before I must admit it was quite the experience. I’ll definitely be heading back for more. This Yoga stuff, I just can’t get enough! Call me Zen Master Nil. 

Anyways, on the way home from Yoga class I decided to give my good friend Vik a call. Vik told me he was at Symposium Café enjoying a drink. *SKURRT* I took an illegal U-turn, picked up a friend and ended up at Symposium Café for Saturday afternoon.

And to my surprise, Jamie was working!

My good friend Jamie @ Symposium Café!

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What’s the Deal with The Super Bowl?

Super Bowl- Patriots Cheerleaders + Patriot Mascot + Vince Lombardi Trophy

For those of you who don’t know (especially my readers across the Pacific Ocean), The Super Bowl is being played tonight in Houston, Texas! Tom Brady & The New England Patriots will be facing off against Matt Ryan & The Atlanta Falcons.

Great- So what’s the deal with The Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is more than just a sporting event. I see it as a summary of American culture at the time at which it is played. If you were to watch every single Super Bowl in order you would see the gradual change in culture, technology and fashion in the Western world.

Out here in Toronto there’s tons of Super Bowl events popping off tonight and Canada isn’t even home to any team in the NFL! Interesting how that works isn’t it? Anyways- for the diehard NFL / Football fan, The Super Bowl is life. It’s the one Sunday where you get plastered with your friends & family and have a ball, regardless if your team made it or not to one of the most prestigious competitions in sporting history.

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The Wedding Party @ Crow’s Theatre

Intermission – The Wedding Party @ Crow’s Theatre

Oh am I a lucky one, Sabrina you are the best!

Sabrina the singer/musician you will all know of one day took me to a play last night! I’m really starting to enjoy the aura around Toronto’s theatre scene. It’s a beautiful thing because it’s very quiet. The scene in Toronto is not spoken of often by mainstream media. Because of this, those that do go to theatres to see plays share a very specific, common interest with one another, which results in a very warming and loving respect between the audience and staff.

“The Wedding Party @ Crow’s Theatre, directed by Chris Abraham was innovative, hilarious, and an overall intellectually comedic performance.” -N.P.

The show was great, not only because I was with such a sweet heart, gradually introducing me to theatrics, but The Wedding Party was in fact a well written play. I found the script to be very natural, and not over-tried, it was a masterpiece.

The fact that The Wedding Party is performed at Crow’s Theatre in Toronto made the experience ever more memorable. I strongly feel that the experience of going to see a live play is one of the best experiences in the world if done right. Crow’s Theatre knows exactly how to welcome guests. Not only is it architecturally magnificent, but the staff are pleasant to say the least.