Review – Measure for Measure @ Winter Garden Theatre


On the brisky- cold night that was February 17 of 2017.. I, along with a dear friend of mine that needs no introduction, hit Winter Garden Theatre for a Shakespearean play titled, “Motion for Motion.” And allow me to prematurely say, Groundling Theatre Company definitely knows how to put on a show. A lot happened before though, so we’re going to back track to the beginning of my Friday evening. Note that the play was scheduled for 7:30pm.

*this blog is a no spoiler zone*


Sabrina had told me she was getting off of work late, so she would either be right on time or a little late, no biggy! I decided to head to the city a couple hours before the show to meet Vik for drinks after work. It was Friday- why not?  We met at the Duke of Devon, shared drinks, laughs and stories and went on our way through the underground pass to a bar nearby the theatre. Time was ticking, it was almost showtime. At around 7:30pm I got a call from Sabrina telling me she was at the theatre and that the host at the front door had my ticket.

I walked on over to the Elgin and Winter Garden Theatres and said bye to Vik (he had a flight to catch later on that night). As I walked through the gold plated theatre doors, I was greeted by a steward who told me that the play had begun and that we would have to move quickly. The man so kindly handed me my ticket that Sabrina left with him and escorted me up the caged elevator. As the caged doors opened I saw Sabrina along with a stewardess. She quietly escorted us to our box seats and just like that, we were audience to “Measure for Measure.”


Now this was my first time seeing a professionally acted Shakespearean play. I’ve had some experience with Shakespeare in the past through my elementary/highshool days, but that was all. For this reason, do keep in mind that the rating of this play will come from an inexperienced point of view.

Although we got into out seats late – it was very easy to understand the plot, which speaks to the question of enjoying a Shakespearean play without much Shakespearean background. So if you have the chance to see Shakespearean work and like me and have little to no experience in the art, just go for it!

Basically the play is about a young man who is to be executed. The acting depicts the struggle his sister goes through to prevent his execution and her struggles shine light on the corrupt system that is english law. The Grounding Theatre Company did a spectacular job of making the audience feel empathetic for all characters in the play- even for characters that were in the wrong. This was impressive.

As the play concluded, light illuminated the beautiful Winter Garden Theatre. Here’s a picture I took (during intermission) that I recently posted on my Instagram – nilan01.

Overall I rate Measure for Measure 7/10.

Winter Garden Theatre – Toronto


I had surprised Sabrina with these tickets to the Winter Garden for her birthday a month ago. And so it was finally time to celebrate! I took her to the iconic Jack Astor’s at Yonge and Dundas where we shared a her first shot of tequila together! Yum.

Yonge and Dundas.jpg
Yonge and Dundas – Toronto

After having an absolute ball at Jack Astor’s we left, got sort of lost in the underground PATH of Toronto, but eventually found ourselves at our usual spot of goodbye- Toronto’s Union Station. Thanks for reading..

Spread love. It’s your way of resonating through people to reach the world-



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