Let Go & Love- A Valentines Day Yoga Routine?! 

Tina, my Yoga instructor on Thursday evenings guided us through a Valentines Day Yoga routine. It was a heart warming experience, and right in time for Valentines Day preparation- which by the way if you’ve forgotten (especially my guys), is in 4 days. Along side me last night was my good friend Willy, he will be joining me every Thursday! Him and I are great friends from high school, we played Volleyball together for our school team, The Knights. Enough with the introduction, let’s get right into it!

“Let go and love.”

Was the thought that Tina told us to wrap our minds around as we went through the motions last night.

We focused on releasing chakra from our hearts. Therefore, many of our movements were focused on opening up the chest and “letting go.” I found it difficult at first to let go of my thoughts and emotions, but as soon as I stopped resisting, I found a certain comfortable/balanced emotional place- all while gracefully, yet powerfully moving along my mat. Towards the end of the routine when Tina dimmed the lights, I found myself completely empty of thought and emotion, and ready to love everything.

When I speak of love, I don’t just mean the type of love you express to your significant other. In yoga, we speak of love as a feeling that is expressed in everything that you do. Love everything. Express love in all of your action. Leave love wherever you may be or may go. It is by loving that we give back to the world in ways that can’t be seen, but felt.

Let go and Love. 

A Rose from the tea that Sabrina so nicely gave to me..

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