My Experience with Yoga & Cannabis

Alright don’t judge me. I’ve been enjoying Yoga and I finally understand my body and mind in a way I just can’t put into words. It’s more of an awareness and feeling. With this new found comfort I’ve found in Yoga, I felt like experimenting a little bit..

So I ate a piece of chocolate an hour before Yoga class.

It was so sweet and creamy, I loved it!

Might I add that there was a hint of THC inside of the piece of chocolate that I consumed.

Yes, I had an edible before Yoga and right around the time I sat cross legged on my mat for the evening, I was “uplifted.” Yoga was great that night (it always is), I felt as if I was in a deep deep state of being and I could hear the blood flowing through the veins of my body. I would definitely recommend any Yogis to try a Yoga class with a subtle amount of THC in the system. If however, you have little to no experience with cannabis, don’t bother.

If you’re like me, and love to try new things and experience everything our world has to offer, go for it! Just be sure to have a small amount. The point is not to be stoned out of your mind, but to find a place where you’re able to increase the sensations all throughout your body in order to improve your experience in Yoga class.

Now I’m not going to do this all the time. I plan on enjoying this added “piece,” of experience to my Yoga sessions every now and then. Just whenever I feel like it really, which won’t be too often I imagine. That being said, I will be attending Yoga class this evening and I do plan on enjoying that little piece of sweetness an hour before class.

Bye for now, I’ll be sure to continue to write about my personal discoveries as I continue down the path of a new Yogi.


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5 thoughts on “My Experience with Yoga & Cannabis”

  1. The little piece of sweetness 🙂 Its awesome though how a lot of people are moving towards Yoga 🙂 Meditation and yoga are food for my soul. Have you been to Rishikesh in India? It is the YOGA capital of the World and has number of ashrams for meditation and yoga.
    Read my blog on it here –

    Do visit when you have the chance, you’d love it! Much love from India. Namaste 🙂

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    1. Oh it’s so nice to hear from India! Thank you so much for reading my post. I absolutely love Yoga, I just started a good 3 weeks ago and can’t get enough of it.

      Although I have been to India.. I haven’t been to Rishikesh! My family owns property in Navsari and I visited when I was about 13 years old (I’m 23 now). So it’s been a solid decade since I’ve been, but I do mean on getting out and seeing more of the world! Rishikesh has definitely been added on my to visit list.

      So much love from Canada, Namaste. Xx

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      1. Navsari is in the state of Gujarat – I have never been to that side of the country yet 🙂
        Do visit when you can 🙂 Rishikesh attracts a lot of people (especially Yogis)from all over the world.


    1. Oh my old friend merakilousspirit from Markham, how’re you!? Hey, I’m all for trying new things, go for it 😀 Just be safe and relaxed. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me!

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