My First Open Mic Night

Courtesy of a really good friend of mine named Sabrina, I went to my very first Open Mic night! This was a good week or 2 ago. I never got a chance to write about it because you know, life happens. Allow me to pour out my experience here on ifsharkscouldfly.

Got a text from Sabrina on Saturday, she told me there was an Open Mic night going down at The Horseshoe Tavern in Toronto- Sunday night.


The 2 of us ended up going together.

I invited my friend Vik and his girlfriend Allison.

We walked into The Horseshoe Tavern, a nice old fashioned bar, wooden rail- the good stuff. Took a seat with Vik and Allison who had gotten there before us. Sabrina signed in and Vik and I hit the bar to get a couple drinks.

The night was great. Performances were spectacular, it was great to see musicians of all sorts displaying their talents, laying it all out on the table for strangers they’ve never met before. Jeez that must take some guts. It was inspirational, I now hope to one day perform on an open mic night..

Anyways, Sabrina’s up next and I can’t wait! She heads up onto the stage, with her little country girl look and just TAKES OVER. Her style, the way she’s able to strum the guitar so cool, and the way she’s able to enchant the crowd with her powerful voice. Amazing. So she finishes one song and of course, “encore!” Round 2, sings “West Side” by Lana Del Ray. Honestly I take Sabrina’s version over Del Ray’s any day. Her performance was spectacular. This was the first time I had seen her sing live and I was taken away.


Anyways, post Sabrina’s show stopping performance, we played some pool! I won because she scored the 8-ball into a pocket she didn’t call. I got lucky on that one.

It was a magical SUNDAY night to say the least. Yes it was Sunday, but I’m so glad we went. I felt as if I was introduced to a brand new world, a world I never knew existed. And it’s all thanks to her!

So thank you Sabrina for opening doors for me that I never knew existed and being such a sweetheart. And thank you Vik and Allison for coming out! It was great meeting Vik’s girl Allison, she’s great!

I want to add that I now practice the Guitar even more than I used to! I hope one day I can hop onto that stage and entice the crowd just as you did.

Thank you.


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