What’s the Deal with The Super Bowl?

Super Bowl- Patriots Cheerleaders + Patriot Mascot + Vince Lombardi Trophy

For those of you who don’t know (especially my readers across the Pacific Ocean), The Super Bowl is being played tonight in Houston, Texas! Tom Brady & The New England Patriots will be facing off against Matt Ryan & The Atlanta Falcons.

Great- So what’s the deal with The Super Bowl?


The Super Bowl is more than just a sporting event. I see it as a summary of American culture at the time at which it is played. If you were to watch every single Super Bowl in order you would see the gradual change in culture, technology and fashion in the Western world.

Out here in Toronto there’s tons of Super Bowl events popping off tonight and Canada isn’t even home to any team in the NFL! Interesting how that works isn’t it? Anyways- for the diehard NFL / Football fan, The Super Bowl is life. It’s the one Sunday where you get plastered with your friends & family and have a ball, regardless if your team made it or not to one of the most prestigious competitions in sporting history.

What about the casual fan you ask? Believe it or not, there are people who don’t watch a single game all season, and yet have developed their own Super Bowl traditions. That’s me! I don’t watch the NFL all season long, but when it comes to the Super Bowl- I’m in. My family usually orders pizza, wings and beer. We watch the game at home, make friendly pre-game bets and are in for a show.

Speaking of show, the half-time show is always spectacular. Whatever your taste in music may be- entertainment at The Super Bowl never fails to disappoint. World class performances by the hottest musicians + fireworks, need I say more? Oh yea, and for the ladies not interested in the sport at all, this is usually their favourite part of the night. So I guess The Super Bowl caters to pretty much everyone.

Anyways, The Super Bowl has a different meaning to different people, and that’s what the deal is with this special Sunday night. I hope this shines light on the event to those who don’t quite get what the big deal is. I can’t wait, and as a side note- I hope the Patriots win!

Patriots Cheerleader in action

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