Saturday @ Symposium Café

Yesterday was great! I enjoyed a hot Yoga class with a friend in the early morning. Having never done hot Yoga before I must admit it was quite the experience. I’ll definitely be heading back for more. This Yoga stuff, I just can’t get enough! Call me Zen Master Nil. 

Anyways, on the way home from Yoga class I decided to give my good friend Vik a call. Vik told me he was at Symposium Café enjoying a drink. *SKURRT* I took an illegal U-turn, picked up a friend and ended up at Symposium Café for Saturday afternoon.

And to my surprise, Jamie was working!

My good friend Jamie @ Symposium Café!

Hit the bar for $13.00 pitchers and it was a gong show from there. We had a great time, and I do NOT drink and drive. I’m a responsible young man and know anything over 2 beers and I’ll be above the legal blood alcohol levels in Ontario. Alright that’s enough, I shouldn’t have to defend myself on my blog!

Yesterday was a good reminder of how important it is for someone like me to do things at the spur of the moment. To steer off course every now and then. Because for me, it’s these unplanned events that I decide to dive into where I feel most alive.

Give it a shot,

say “yes,” to everything

& make the decision to do it all.


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