The Wedding Party @ Crow’s Theatre

Intermission – The Wedding Party @ Crow’s Theatre

Oh am I a lucky one, Sabrina you are the best!

Sabrina the singer/musician you will all know of one day took me to a play last night! I’m really starting to enjoy the aura around Toronto’s theatre scene. It’s a beautiful thing because it’s very quiet. The scene in Toronto is not spoken of often by mainstream media. Because of this, those that do go to theatres to see plays share a very specific, common interest with one another, which results in a very warming and loving respect between the audience and staff.

“The Wedding Party @ Crow’s Theatre, directed by Chris Abraham was innovative, hilarious, and an overall intellectually comedic performance.” -N.P.

The show was great, not only because I was with such a sweet heart, gradually introducing me to theatrics, but The Wedding Party was in fact a well written play. I found the script to be very natural, and not over-tried, it was a masterpiece.

The fact that The Wedding Party is performed at Crow’s Theatre in Toronto made the experience ever more memorable. I strongly feel that the experience of going to see a live play is one of the best experiences in the world if done right. Crow’s Theatre knows exactly how to welcome guests. Not only is it architecturally magnificent, but the staff are pleasant to say the least.


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