Student Summers

Summer for a student is great. 4 whole months off to do whatever the hell you want. After going through a couple years as a University student, I learned one thing. Taking summer school is the biggest waste of time.

Believe me. If you’re reading this and you’re entering a university/college now, don’t plan your schedule with a plan to take summer school. It’s a terrible idea, don’t do it. Go through your first year, work hard and stay on track to graduate. Many people don’t realize how long 4 months actually is. 4 months is a third of a year!

The opportunities you can explore in these 4 months are endless. Let’s say you’re majoring in Biology but you’ve always been curious about, oh I don’t know, videography! You’ve always wondered what it would be like to make movies, edit, produce, publish. That’s what student summers should be about. Exploring your ideas, shining a light on your curiosities, finding what you’re really passionate about. Trust me, using your summer to fulfil a degree you decided to pursue in Grade 12 as an immature youth isn’t what you want to be doing.

I just had to write about this. As I grow and one day have kids of my own, I want to pass down the things I’ve learned on my journey though life to them.

You see my parents aren’t from Canada. They were born in Kenya, and spent most of their lives in England. They never really gave me much advice though. With them it was either “do this, do that!” or they would say nothing at all. There was no subtle middle ground with a soft conversation that included genuine advice (never actually, now that I think about it). And that’s okay. Even though they didn’t offer career advice, I’ve learnt a lot from them! They’ve definitely passed down many of the lessons they’ve learnt in their lives to my younger brother and I (I think that’s the first time I’ve mentioned that I have a younger brother, more about that later).

Anyways, I’m ranting. I had to write about this because I really want to pass down the things I’ve learned to my kids in the future. And quite frankly, the only way I’ll remember to do so is by writing about it! I want this blog to be that spot, where I can write whatever I want, whenever I want. I hope some of you take something away from this piece of writing, and if you didn’t, I hope I didn’t bore you to death!




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