Falsities – The Press vs. The 2016 RIO Summer Olympics

The other day I was speaking to a friend of mine who’s just recently settled into his room in Athletes Village (in Rio De Janeiro) and he gave me some insight on the situation in Brazil.


Athletes Village is BEAUTIFUL (& this is a cloudy day).

Those of us following the build up to the Olympic games are well informed of the terrible ecological standards that Rio De Janeiro is home to. You can’t find a news report out there that talks about the Olympics without referring to the sewage issues just outside the Favelas.  The media has been all over it. I’m all for raising awareness on environmental issues, awareness is a force that drives change. But the news is ruining the experience for olympians heading to Brazil.

For many Olympians, each and every conversation with friends/family leading up to RIO 2016 has been poisoned by ideas of a “dirty Brazil.” The excitement of heading to the 2016 Summer Olympic games is dampened with thoughts of poor living conditions, specifically,  contaminated water.

A source of mine says this is NOT the case. Water is clean as can be. Have a look..831aab5d-0c42-4e58-9622-a3f73c95d065.jpg


Why has there been a magnification on the poor environmental conditions that athletes are heading into this summer when they’re actually being accommodated with standards above expectations?

I’m not a fan of cliff hangars but I’m sorry, I just don’t know (let’s chit-chat and figure it out). This is a great example on how the press can manipulate information, pick and choose what they’d like to document, and get society as a whole to believe one thing, when in reality, it’s the complete opposite. I hope this gets you thinking, as it did for me.




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