Sunday Pool Party – Canada Basketball/Nike

Last week, my best friend Dip sent me an invite to accompany him and Team Canada’s Women’s Basketball team to a pool party hosted by Nike Canada. The occasion? To officially send off Team Canada’s Women’s basketball to the Rio 2016 Olympics. I would like to wish Canada’s Women’s Basketball Team the best of luck at Rio, bring home the gold ladies! Most of all, I’d like to take the time to congratulate my good pal Dip.

Our journey started in a small grade 3 class at Armadale Public School. We had met each other through sports, him & I were the strongest & fastest athletes of our grade. As kids, our relationship continued to build into adulthood. Between childhood and adulthood was high school, where we had an absolute blast. Anyways, here we are, both at the age of 23. I couldn’t be more proud of the guy. He’s headed to represent our country at the Rio 2016 Olympic games.

I’ve witnessed him grow as an individual, as he did I. After finishing high school, we had gone our separate ways. He’d decided to go to school in the city, I had decided to head to York (in the suburbs) so you could imagine, there was a lot of distance between us. Even with our decision to go our separate ways, Dip and his family were always welcoming to me, as if I were a brother. At first this was difficult for me to embrace, I couldn’t quite understand why Dip’s family was so loving towards me. I went through a slow transition of learning how to embrace their love, but eventually I came round & I was sucked right into the family. Thank you.

After my grandfather had passed during my first year of University, my family changed. They were no longer out-going. A disconnect formed, I quickly learned that the addition or subtraction of one person could drastically change the dynamics of an entire group, household, and even family. My grandfather was a legend. May he rest in the most heavenly of peace.

So here I was. Other than for my brother and I, my family became very reserved, and there was often (not always) a negative emotion floating in the air. I say thank you, because my experiences with Dip’s family have changed me as a person. I’ve become more light hearted, loving, free, and open to my own emotions. How on earth did Dip’s family teach me to be open with my own emotions? Let me explain. Dip’s family is massive, full of different characters, different ideas, different everything. Although there are differences among individuals, no one tries to change themselves to accommodate anyone else. Instead, characters, emotions, ideas, all the differences in the family, abruptly collide like the horns of 2 rams in the Rocky Mountains. Aggression, beauty, & grace.

There’s probably more that I’ve learnt from them that I haven’t realized yet, and more that I haven’t learned that I will as time continues to fly by. So again, thank you. Without having Dip and his family in my life, I wouldn’t be who I am today. I’m so grateful.

So Dip, I want to say congratulations on making it to Rio, but no. The winning attitude that we’ve learned to embody all our lives says otherwise. Congratulations aren’t in order. Instead, get to Rio, work hard, and bring home the gold man. I will look forward to our vacation to Cuba when you get back.


Proud of you, and what you’re doing for our country,



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