“Ci Ci, Italia!” – Make the Decision

As a teenager, I’d dream about growing old and running a vineyard of mine somewhere in Italy. Yea, I used to dream about growing old! Let me explain why..

When you’re young, living in a household with your grandparents can be quite the experience. Apart from the overwhelming amount of culture that they’d bring to the kitchen table, I’ve been fortunate enough to be able to peer into the future of the elderly on a day-to-day basis. As a kid, with the perspective that they’ve given me, I’d always catch myself dreaming of the future. And by future, I mean way-way-way distant future. That being said, it’s only fitting for us to explore one of my very first aspirations, living in Italy.

“Ci Ci, Italia!” – ???

After going through what I’ve gone through, and understanding what is yet to come (I’m probably wrong), I’m not too sure if I still aspire to live there one day. As a matter of fact, this really is a magical experience for me. As I write this paragraph, I realize – no, I don’t aspire to live there as much used to. I used to dream of romance, Italy, vineyards, hills, canals, large dinner spreads, and beautiful sunsets. Now? Not so much.

My perspective has shifted over the years. I’ve been blessed by the perspective my grandparents had to offer me at a young age, but I see the world differently now. I don’t look too far ahead into my 70’s, more so, I find myself  looking into my late 20’s, early 30’s, I’m more about the now. Why? I don’t know, but let’s figure it out, shall we?

THE SHIFT – I Stopped Worrying about the Future

Not long ago, I made the decision to stop worrying about the future. Instead, I’ve learnt to ride whatever wave I’m on. Sure, there’s been challenges on the way, but I’m just now starting to learn to enjoy these challenges. For I know that by overcoming obstacles in my way, I’m facilitating growth as an individual. And growth at the level of an individual is incremental, slow and steady growth is better than no growth at all.

You see, planning for the future and worrying are 2 separate concepts. Do plan, planning is a habit for people that deem themselves successful. But do not worry. If you’re worrying about the future, you’re doing it wrong, and by “it,” I mean life. Because if you’re worrying about your future, you’re not enjoying the present. You’re not enjoying the now. And life is now. So enjoy it.





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